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The Success Story of ICMEH 2019

ICMEH is the annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Humanities. Its 2019 edition was the 9th year we organized this event and we are happy to report that the enthusiasm of attendees has only increased over the years. In 2019 we hosted the event in London, UK between the 26th and 28th of July. Whitelands College Roehampton University was the venue.

ICMEH 2019 attracted academics, researchers, and scientists from all over the world – the United States, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Australia, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, and numerous others. Presentations were as diverse as the audience. The program covered such subjects as the impact of globalization on manufacturing output, service quality of governments, youth employment and unemployment in the digital economy, and a range of other relevant topics.

Learning is at the base of ICMEH. It’s offered through innovative presentation formats and networking session. However, it doesn’t stop when the event is over. ICMEH creates a network of academics, who continue to engage in cross-border learning long after the conference takes place. That’s what makes the event truly special.

Finally, ICMEH attendees were invited to join a free guided tour of the historic city of London. There’s so much to explore in this buzzing city and, even though we only had a chance to discover a fraction of this multi-faceted place, everyone who joined left with unforgettable memories.

See you at ICMEH 2023!

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